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Sex Like Real – It’s in the Name

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Virtual reality porn takes us another step closer to being in the room with the performers and ultimately the goal is to have the experience as immersive as possible, meaning that it is as real as possible.

There are many speculations around what the future might hold but there is an overwhelming amount of consensus that at some point or another sex robots will become a thing.

My question is rather: Will it all merge into one? Because my feeling is that there will always be a distinction between the act and spectating.

As it is today there are already devices such as dildos, vibrators, pocket pussies, sex dolls and they have been around for a very long time and they don’t impede at all on the porn that we watch on net as example. They are two distinctly different things and I don’t see that ever changing. Mediums where both are merged into one, sure! But never making either extinct.

I got a little carried away there when all I really wanted to mention was that you can save up to 82% off with a discount to Sex Like Real which is VR porn and a sweet alternative to webcam porn if the mood takes you.

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