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Russian Beauty

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I have seen so many gorgeous Russian women that I can’t help have the perception that in general Russian women are beautiful. I really can’t know for sure until I have the pleasure one day of actually visiting the country and perhaps I will then be able to alter my perception that most Russian men are assholes.

You can share some teen chat sex with -Polya-, the Russian girl in the picture who can also speak English by the way. It really is remarkable that she is an amateur.

I understand that technically she is a professional since she gets paid for being a performer on a live cam site but I mean she is not a contracted pornstar, she does this out of her own accord. Perhaps I should say that she is a self employed freelancer or something of the sorts.

My point is that you’d expect someone of this beauty to be contracted by a professional porn industry outfit of sorts. Such is the state of live cam sites these days, truly impressive.

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