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Reinvigorated By Babes

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The weather has been really good here lately and it has started to feel like spring. Now that I am able to be outdoors more often and don’t feel as confined to the indoors as I had been, I have noticed my mood is lifted. That’s a huge relief because I was getting a bit sick of myself. When I am stuck indoors and feel forced to be more sedentary, I start to feel old. I loathe that feeling.

It helps to get online and hit up cam sites. I chat for free on teen webcams and pass myself off as a much younger man. It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but I will even try to catch myself up on current trends for the younger crowd, so I don’t risk giving myself away. I often say I am 24.

Chatting with teens and coeds reinvigorates me. It makes me feel young again without actually having to be young again. I probably won’t do it as much now that the sun is shining and I will be out socializing more, but It’s nice to know it’s there for rainy days.

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