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People Watching with Ulterior Motives

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People watching is entertaining and free. Sure some of those old men you see holding their wife’s bags while sitting outside stores on mall benches are miserable, but a lot of them offset the boredom with people watching. Pay attention to which benches they choose and the type of stores they angle to face and you will start to understand.

They aren’t looking at Land’s End or J.C. Penny. No, those old men are eying Victoria’s Secret, Wet Seal, Forever 21, Spencers, and the food court. Places like that are crawling with cute teens and coeds in skimpy clothing. Those men are enjoying the booty shorts, shirt skirts, and cleavage tops.

I always have ulterior motives when people watching. I’m looking for new fantasies to fap to. I may be pretending to look at my phone, but believe me when I say I notice every sexy girl around.

On days when I don’t want to worry about being labeled a creeper, I just stay home and enjoy what the internet offers. This Watch4Beauty discount for up to 74% off offers live cams, so you get to interact instead of just ogle.

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